Finally finished Final Fantasy XII

January 22, 2008 by

After playing this part in the Final Fantasy row since it’s release in germany (23. February 2007 – yeah, thats half a year after the US and nearly a whole year after japan) I have finally finished the game.

After my failed attempt at defeating Vayne a couple of months ago I took some time off finishing most of the hunts and getting all of the espers. Usually in Final Fantasy you have quite a good chance in defeating the big boss if you manage to defeat most of the extra beasts before hand and therefore this time Vayne didn’t stand a chance.

Piratennest (Sky Pirates Den)

In addition to the higher level I also had quite a good and demanding time gathering extras for my sky pirate’s den. This is quite a simple thing to implement for the game developer but it somehow adds a nice incentive to the game. Quite similair to the achievements you get on the Xbox or Half Life. I’ll just show you has become of mine:

Quite crowded by now, but I did leave out a couple of things, including the Tiamat and several other things just because I thought it was about time to finish.

My final stats are just over 4.000.000 clan points with all characters being at level 68 (and Vaan leveling to 69 inside the Bahamuth). Final playtime was about 170 hours which must be the longest time I have spent on a Final Fantasy (or any game for that matter).

Now let’s just hope Final Fantasy XIII isn’t going to be late.

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  • Nickster1337 says:

    yo cool…..

    cool but you are missing six of them.and what levels does your party need to be to get ashe figure

  • LyCheSis says:

    Average level: 50

    Hi, I know that there are figures missing. I try to get the most out of the games I play. But some achievements are either very tiresome or extremely difficult and I tend to draw a line before it becomes a chore.

    I had to look it up because it was quite some time ago but your team has to have an average level of 50 to get the Ashe figure.

  • Nickster1337 says:


    thanx i got the figure, my team now is in the 70’s


  • wobbish97 says:


    wow, thats a lot of figurines, wish i had some of those, anyways do u know a good training place?

    My guys are lvl 55ish, and i cant kill those rooks and things in the Bahamut.

    Help me please 😛

  • LyCheSis says:

    Uuhh… thanks. It’s been quite a while since I played this.
    It always helps going deep into some of those dungeons that you had been in earlier.
    FFXII has this way of telling you that you are not ready for an area by whiping your party out completely. Regularly returning to those areas to test your strength can help you progressing.

    As far as I remember the Ridorana Cataract was quite good to level while not punishing you too hard for failing.
    The deep areas of the Lhusu Mines (where the Zodiark is) are very good to level up, but can also be very hard and punishing if you get stuck far beyond enemy lines.
    If you manage to stay alive in there then you will also have good chances inside the Bahamuth.
    I also tried to get all Mob Hunts – this also helps finding difficult enemies to level up.

    I think FFX/X2 was much easier after you had progressed past a certain level, but FFXII is still beatable without having beaten every single boss and enemy outside of the final boss battle.

    There is very good material on the twobrothersandsisters and f12maps sites.

    Good luck!

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