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October 22, 2009 by

New variation of my Colours gameA simple Snakes game prototype

After finishing a game project for Capture in the beginning of the year I found that the game engine Unity3D, that we had decided on using, was also quite good realising game projects that I had been wanting to do at home.

I have purchased Unity3D some time ago and here are the first screenshots of two games that I have been fiddeling with.

Ring Colours - v01The first one is an evolution of my Colours game, that I had already done an early prototype of in Microsofts XNA, only to find out that making an installable version for distribution is quite a chore. Being a 3D game engine I did a couple of tests to find out how to use this new dimension for Colours and this is now the first variation where I have the feeling that it actually takes advantage of being in 3D. It does change the game slightly, but I already had several extensions for the original game idea. I therefore don’t think that it will be a less enjoyable game than the 1992 version.

Sector Defense - v01The second game is a Snakes variation which I started mainly to test a couple of game mechanics in Unity3D. Being a simple type of game I can very easily test aspects of Unity3D before using them in bigger games and it will also result in a little online browser game that should provide a little fun time on my sites (sometime in the future).

I already have several other ideas for games but, as always, work commitments and private stuff keep development moving at a slow pace.

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