McLaren Material Tests

August 18, 2015 by

This is an experiment to test various techiques for car material setups.

I took a pre-existing mesh from a McLaren MP4-12C (sorry – I don’t know who made it) and created proper UVs and the corresponding occlusion maps for it in MODO.

The yellow car paint material is just the standard shader from Unity 5 (at the moment). Lighting is generated by a direction light and a HDRI map, which can also be seen in the background. Reflections are rendered with a reflection probe, but not yet utilized effectively. Linear and HDR color space are used for rendering, together with the usual depth of field and vinette image filters.

I used a shader that I created with Shaderforge for the color variations. Goal was to create a shader that would be able to do normal color paint and silver or metallic paint simply by adjusting the parameters. At the moment I can’t use the PBR shader, since Shaderforge doesn’t give me enough freedom with the shading. Therefore I input the individual environments as cubemaps and calculate the shading myself. Not yet perfect, but getting there.

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