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New spaceship in the pipeline

June 24, 2008 by

I have started a new spaceship project called Poseidon. It’s a heavy bomber that originated from a couple of design ideas I had long been wanting to do. I also decided to make this WIP more public than my previous ones by posting it on

I think it is working out quite well at the moment. I’ll keep my forum post uptodate.

Poseidon (WIP) - v18 - side viewPoseidon (WIP) - v21 - bottom viewPoseidon (WIP) - v20 - bottom view

New AnimA coming

May 25, 2008 by

AnimA - Web Logo - metallicNew metallic AnimA logoHere’s the new and improved AnimA-TV logo. It will be featured on the redesigned as soon as the relaunch is complete.

The logo was completely rebuilt and now features highly detailed bevel edges and creases. This catches the reflections and specular lights much better than the old logo and also looks much better with the new nodal surface settings.

Works in progress

January 25, 2008 by

Here are a couple of models that I have been working on for the last couple of months. The Veloque fighter has been in the albums for quite some time but hasn’t been announced properly.

Veloque (WIP) - v05 - first setupVeloque (WIP) - v10 - front with wingsVeloque (WIP) - v13 - a bit over the top

I created it from a sketch I made on paper and I made it to test modelling techniques for subpatch modelling with Lightwave. I deliberately tried a couple of difficult shapes to find solutions for the usual problems and I think I succeeded quite well in solving a couple of them.

It may have become a bit overloaded in the meantime so I may have to reduce oder modify a couple of shapes.

Titan (WIP) - v00 - Damocles v07 - predecessorTitan (WIP) - v01 - frontTitan (WIP) - v02 - front

The second WIP is a long one streaching from an idea I had for a couple of years in the shape of the Titan carrier (or Damocles as it’s predecessor was called). It’s purely polygon modelling and therefore not as demanding as the Veloque. It is based on the basic shape of a two bladed broadsword and will be (once completed) over 1km long. I have planned to launch the SpaceHead and Veloque fighters from it’s hangars but it will be quite some time until I will be able to do this. It is very likely that I will port these meshes into XSI before hand because LightWave isn’t quite as good at handling and combing complex mesh objects in one scene, so that will further delay the completion of this project, but I will keep you posted.