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November 6, 2008 by

I must admit that even I was not immune against the onslaught of music games. And that’s when I let myself get talked into Guitar Hero III and Rockband right after that, with me enjoying the latter rather more music wise.

Standing in front of the TV with a plastic guitar trying to look like a rockstar is something that takes getting used to but it has it’s charm and by now I think I am quite decent at this game. It has this incredible feeling of achievement and it is really something different than sitting on the sofa frantically pressing buttons on the Xbox360 controller.

Rock Band - Riseon - Angel OutfitRock Band - Riseon - Devil Outfit

One fun thing with Rockband was that you can customize your character much more freely than in Guitar Hero III. I have created two outfits until now that I quite like and I thought I’d share them here.

The “Angel” outfit was first and the final configuration after many experiments with white clothes. The “Devil” is more openhearted (not all that easy if you look at the stuff available in the Rockband shop) and I think it works perfectly together with the facepaint and tattoos.

One thing that bugs me with the Xbox360 is that it is not really possible to make screenshots except by taking photos of the TV. I’d love a photo mode like in GranTurismo for the PS2 where you could pose and save your pictures to a USB stick. The Xbox360 ought to have a screenshot button that would do this for you anytime you needed to but I guess that would be difficult because of copyright restrictions.