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Having played through Half Life 2 Episode 2 I could’nt fail to notice a photo hanging in the lab at White Forest. I think I recognise some of the faces, although they look more like the Half Life 1 models…

A group photo of Black Mesa staff found at White Forest:

HalfLife 2 - Episode 2 - Black Mesa Group Photo

  1. unknown
  2. unknown
  3. unknown
  4. seen him in HL1
  5. probably Eli Vance
  6. unknown
  7. Dr. Isaac Kleiner
  8. Dr. Gordon Freeman
  9. G-Man

Anyone know the rest or what position G-Man had at Black Mesa? My memories from HL1 are a bit shadey Wink

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  • LyCheSis says:

    When thinking about it I believe no. 5 could probably be Dr. Breen (seeing his drop in popularity during HL2).
    This would also mean that no. 2 could be Eli Vance. There was a quite long time gap between HL1 and HL2 which would explain the slightly younger looks on him.

  • Chas says:

    Close but no cigar

    GMan didn’t really have a place at Black Mesa, he wasn’t a researcher. The Second one is Eli, 4 im sure will come up, 5 is Breen, 7 is kleiner, 8 is Gordon, and 9 is the new researcher they bitch about in episode 2.

  • Matt says:

    9 is really a scientist in HL1
    but looks like G-man.
    6 is Dr. Magnussen from HL2 Epsiode 2.
    and the 1 with the X is either
    Breen G-man or someone nobody knows about.

  • art says:


    3 = Judith Mossman?

    She worked at Black Mesa at the time, and shes the only female in the picture.

    What i want to know is, what does the “A.M.G” stand for in the bottom left?

  • art says:


    K i did some research. Looks like AMG stands for “Advanced Metallurgy Group”.

    Which refers to scientists working on radioactive metals. Winner.

  • XEN says:

    As I can see the photo…to me it looks something like this :
    2.Dr.Eli Vance
    3.Gina Cross
    4.Colette Green
    5.Dr.Wallace Breen
    6.Dr.William Burns
    7.Dr.Isaac Kleiner
    8.Dr.Gordon Freeman
    Stop guessing people…and start investigating…:))

  • XEN says:

    And by the way…G-man was not in the foto…because he is the very one man that actually RULES that place…anyway…I don’t think that…black mesa had something to do in the actual evolution of combine…just that the incident started the world connaisance…that’s the bad thing that started the collide of worlds…if you want to know more…contact me…

  • Gman says:

    It was G-man who told eli to put the crystal thing in the lazer thing that you did in half-life 1, Eli told you in episode 2 πŸ™‚ so its gmans fault!

  • Blaholtzen says:


    “Xen”- Have you even seen gina cross and collette green? they look nothin like that! (from half life decay on the PS2 version of half life) The fourth and last guys are just scientists from HL1 (eli and kleiner too but they’re in HL2 too so…) And about the combine’s arrival, There’s some stuff about that on Wikipedia.

    “Gman”-you need to pay more attention, What eli ses gman told him before the accident was to “prepare for unforeseen consequences”

    “lol”- it probably isn’t mossman either i don’t think she was in their group (i think thats why she’s jealous of gordon)

  • Brisk says:

    If you notice, this same photo hanging up in Dr. Kleiner’s lab back in city 17.

  • Urbanebula says:

    The ‘Real Lineup

    Left to right.

    1. Unknown (possibly Rosenberg or a Valve employee due to photo realistic face)
    2.Eli Vance
    3. Unknown (possibly a Valve employee due to photo realistic face)
    4. Einstien (scientist head model 2 from HL1)
    5. Breen
    6. Unknown (possibly Magnusson)
    7. Isaac Kliener
    8. Gordon Freeman
    9. Slick (scientist head model 4 from HL1)

    The writing at the bottom appears to be A.M. and the third character is unknown.

    A.M. stands for Anomalous Materials which was the name of the Lab where the photo was taken.

  • peter says:

    nΒΊ 9

    Number 9 is definetly just the default model scientist

  • ipkis says:

    PHOTO in hl1

    do you know what is that foto in freemans locker in HL1?

  • Urbanebula says:

    Freeman’s Locker

    There has been a lot of argument behind the photo in Freeman’s locker. It is a baby who is actually the child of a ValvE employee but a lot of people believe that it may also be Alyx, daughter of Eli Vance.

    If you ask me, keeping a photo of a colleagues baby in your locker would be kind of creepy.

    I think it is just an easter egg placed by one of the mappers.

  • DEXTEr says:

    Freeman’s Locker,

    yeah, u are right, just an Easter egg, cuz somewhere in HL1, i saw the same photo, don’t sure where,sure far in the game. maybe in Dr. Eli Vance’s office:)
    and Judith Mossman, when she introduces herself to Dr. freeman, she says “I heard about u long before Black Mesa incident” and so on.. so she don’t know Dr freeman, and she couldn’t be that. and i thing that 2nd is Dr Eli Vance cuz 2nd Dr is the only one afro-american in that pic and Eli is black, i am not an rasist but i think that.

  • C-Bird says:

    i think the text at the bottom says “AM ’67” as in Anomalous Materials 1967.

  • Valkyrie says:

    so hes like 70 when we play him?

    C-Bird: if that was in “67, and we play gordon now. Plz explain why we arent playing an maybe 70 year old man with a crowbar?

  • Somewone says:

    Isint it 2067 then

    C-Bird i thogt(sorry for bad english)half-life is in futere

  • Somewone says:


    sorry for duoble posting
    C-bird i mean valkyrie

  • LyCheSis says:

    As far as I remember Gordon is put in a kind of stasis by G-Man at the end of HL1 and later awakened at the beginning of HL2. I believe there are several references in HL2 that Gordon had vanished during the first invasion and that everybody he knew (and who knew him) had grown quite a bit older.

    I believe that HL2 plays in the future but not as far as 2067. Human technology hasn’t progressed that far and the introduction of alien technology as well as the stagnation of human engineering under the alien supression would explain this strange mix of sci-fi and conventional gear.

  • Gloward says:


    G-man keepped Gordon trance, and in kinda like a place where time is stopped – but though it was only 15 years so that’s the end of that theory. I think the 67 stands for some science team number or else, but our best hope is that it doesn’t matter.. πŸ™‚

  • Jiceboy says:

    Half life one time

    think about it y would any time in the future look like Black mesa just saying I think Half life 1 is like the 70’s(possible becuse gordan was 27 at the time of Black mesa)-90’s and half life 2 is some where in the future(mabby 2010-20)

  • Jiceboy says:


    WAIT mabby the thing at the bottum is Anomalous Materials Graduits(collage(MIT))

  • Coursair says:

    the Man and the women at the end left, are seperate sceintists, they are also to do with the Borealis, and as such portal, the one with the X will be Breen as kliener will not want to remeber him, everyone knows gordon, the one at the back left, is Eli vance, and kliener is the one infront of gordon on the left, the rest i don’t know about.

  • einstein says:


    AMG stands for A: Anomalous
    M: Materials
    G: group

  • Chris says:

    THE YEAR and other things

    ok so 1 the half life 1 events are said to take place in 1995ish 2 the year in half life 2 is 2015ish. 3 the lady in the picture is definantly not gina, collete or judith because judith (i believe never worked in black mesa because eli said she was up for gordons job at black mesa but failed. 4 the crossed out sceintist could be the sceintist with red hair that was cut out of the game in later stages.

  • Eric says:


    I cannot say for certain, but I think Eli introduces you to Judith with something of a phrase: You might remember Judith. She was in Black Mesa too.
    Pherhaps a possibility that she worked there after all.

    Though, please correct me if I am wrong, for it is a long time since I last checked it out.

  • Kendra says:

    Is it not possible that the short woman at the front is Alyx’s mother? It would make sense, she looks nothing like Gina or Collette, and it’s pretty likely Breen knew her (judging from the end of HL2, when he says ‘You have your mothers’ eyes but your fathers’ temper’ to Alyx). Would possibly explain why Alyx has a Black Mesa hoodie small enough for her as well.

  • yeah... says:

    The guy crossed out is Breen

  • Abbaraak says:

    If you look at the photo Eli shows you at White Forrest, Alyx’s mother looked nothing like that. Also, in the HL1 manual, it says 200-, meaning the game takes place between 2000 and 2009. Many fans believe, for the sake of clarity in time-lines, that the events of HL1 take place in alternate history 2000 and that HL2 takes place 20-25 years later (Due to the age of Alyx), making it set in 2020-2025. I also agree with einstein in saying that the letters are AMG, which stand for Anomalous Materials Group.

  • Gordon says:

    number 1 looks like gordons father^^

  • Eric says:

    in 2005-2025

    Yeah, it would make sense that the story in Half-Life 2 takes place in a later time than HL1. G-man puts Gordon into a “sleep” or similar, being confirmed when G-man states: “Rise and shine, Mr.Freeman” at the beginning of HL2

  • Dimori says:

    My opinion

    As far as I understand Half-life 1 is placed somewhere in 1990-2010 and Half-life 2 is placed 20 years later, because there is no children anywhere, but still about 20 years old people.

    I think also that the A.M.G means Anomalous Materials Group.

    I don’t think the woman in picture is Vance’s wife, because she wasn’t a scientist. She only lived in Black Mesa campus with Alyx and Eli.

  • lol says:

    Good God.

    “2 is placed 20 years later, because there is no children anywhere”

    Holy shit there were no children in HL1 either! CHILDREN DIDN’T EXIST BACK THEN!!!!!!!!!

  • Thomalio says:

    The girl in the picture, could it be Eli’s wife?

    As you heard, Eli said that she died during the ressonance cascade.

  • bluhrs says:


    half life 2 is set 20 years after the black mesa incident

  • Dimori says:

    Reply for lol

    It is actually said in HL2 that people couldn’t breed and so there couldn’t be any children either..
    And as for HL1 it’s hard to imagine children in corridors of top secret research facility. Even though it’s forbidden to put children in a shooter game…

  • Mr_sam says:

    2: is eli who died in episode 2

  • Magnusson says:


    Doesn’t it say “AMG”? Could stand for Anomalous Materials Group maybe…

  • KaO says:

    I THINK…

    That the nr. 3 is Einstein and nr. 4 is the guy who mess things up for Gordon’s work.

    I also think… That… Now you will go against me but… That Gordon Freeman is Gman, or that Gman is his mind. You see him talk with one doctor in HL2, but that could be the guy crossed over and in his mind is Gman…

    Now why i think Gordon is Gman or his mind is: That Gman don’t have a specific name, and G could stand for Gordon. Also Gman helps gordon on ways, and you see him when Gordon kinda sleep.

    Now… umm… I don’t know why Einstein should be there, but he looks very well like Einstein – also the doctor or doctors that looks like Einstein.

    Well… Umm… Valve – the creator of Half-Life – is maybe read some posts on the internet about the whole story behind Gordon and the people he works with. So it would be really nice to have their story on a website, or their website to know what happen – but again, it’s the exciting about the game, that you don’t know anything about anyone – even not Gordon Freeman.

  • nofingerthumb says:

    The ninth proffesor

    Number 9 is Dr. Magnuson. He has the same hair line as Magnuson, similar facial features, and holds his hands the same way Magnuson does.

  • rise_and_shine says:

    @XEN (about Black Mesa group photo)

    *XEN | 06/06/2008, 14:31
    *As I can see the photo…to me it looks something like this :
    *2.Dr.Eli Vance
    *3.Gina Cross
    *4.Colette Green
    *5.Dr.Wallace Breen
    *6.Dr.William Burns
    *7.Dr.Isaac Kleiner
    *8.Dr.Gordon Freeman

    @XEN – Who is (and when appear) person you called Dr.William Burns??

  • Igarody says:

    @ rise and shine

    i think your prediction is correct

  • joe says:

    Anomalous materials group

  • matias says:

    mujer de la foto

    la mujer de la foto es la esposa de eli y la madre de alyx

  • banana poop says:

    Gordon’s Age

    Gordon was in the zen world when he entered the portal, and that made time stop for him so he hasn’t aged since then. T

  • GlaDOSFTW says:

    i agree,it could be breen….but doug rattmann was also a member of the black mesa staff team once…

  • Still alive says:

    ohh!gman isn’t gordon!one time,in kleiners lab,he turned on the cameras,right then i switched the camera and i saw gman….standing there…any questions?

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