Unity Stunt Car Racer v03

August 14, 2011 by

Added a whole new track with better curves and everything.

I tried to build the track from separate segments which I wanted to combine in Unity but it was quite tricky building all parts in Lightwave and then getting them to fit in Unity. Therefore I prebuilt the track and imported it as one model in Unity. This should also be better for lightmapping, surfacing, etc. but I’m still quite far away from that.

I also added lap-tracking and repositioning of the player (if you get stuck). The turbo will also not be unlimited anymore, which is now indicated by a couple of dials on the right side of the display.


Controls are as follows:
Cursor keys: Steering, throttle and brakes
Ctrl.: Turbo
Space: Reposition vehicle

You’ll need the turbo to get over the last jump and it will also help greatly managing the first climb.

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  • luis Barbosa says:


    Can you share the scripts you use to make this ?

    Luis Barbosa

  • LyCheSis says:

    Hi Luis, I’ll try to compress and tidy up the code a little before posting it. It’s pretty basic stuff, but I know it’s nice to have some sort of starting point when trying unity’s car physics.

  • luis Barbosa says:

    I’m a complete fan of this game !

    We are thinking to make this remake,

    But we are a small, all the help would be great!

    If you can share or do some work in the scrips, please contact me!

  • Manu says:

    Greetings, is there any chance you could share the code for this remake ? I’d definitely like to try it on my VR setup ! Please please !!!!

  • LyCheSis says:

    Hi Manu, as I’m still unhappy with the handling of the internal Unity car physics I have ordered the UnityCar engine (and am currently waiting for delivery 🙂 ).

    I’ll try to put the files for the old project online in the next couple of days but be warned that it will behave erratic in extreme situations.

  • Manu says:

    Thanks I can’t wait to grab this project, be sure I’ll keep you informed with my progress !

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